What You Need to Know About Posting or Writing an Obituary

When someone passes away, their passing is typically accompanied by an obituary. These notifications typically let anyone who is interested know that someone has passed away. However, there are many options a person has when it comes to putting together an obituary for a friend or loved one.

Having Someone Else Write the Obituary

The first thing is that preparing an obituary can be a difficult thing for some families. This is often the case when a person passes away unexpectedly. In these situations, funeral homes can be of some assistance. In some cases, the funeral home can write and post the obituary for the family. There are even some newspapers that can offer the same service.

Writing the Obituary Yourself

For someone who prepared their affairs ahead of time, they and their family can work ahead of time to create a well-planned obituary. However, it will be important to be sure of a few things.

Guidelines for Newspaper Obituaries

Most obituaries are posted in local newspapers. In these instances, the newspaper may have very strict guidelines as to what has to be included in the obituary. They will also have content restrictions. Since the obituaries are in a limited space in the paper, they will typically have a word limit.

Alternatives to Posting an Obituary in the Local Paper

For something more expansive and personal, many people have moved to posting obituaries of friends and loved ones online. What this allows is for a more personal touch and, in many cases, this outlet allows for more flexibility in what will be included in an online obituary. Also, because it is online and easily accessed virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection, a person won’t have to rely on newspaper clippings to read an obituary of a long lost family member or friend.

An announcement of a person’s death is not required, but many people wish for such announcements. Whether they are chosen by the decedent or the family, there are many things that need to be taken into account. You can choose a standard obituary written by a funeral home or newspaper or you can choose to post an obituary online. Check here to find more information on this or other alternatives.